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Domain Name Search 2.0 : PCNames

One of my favorite online marketing ‘hobbies’ is brainstorming domain names for sites, products, companies and blogs.

Admittingly enough, I probably find myself spending about 2 hours a week looking for domains for new products on the market which I think can be spun into a high quality contextual blog revenue generator.

Sure, I only register and launch .5% of the ideas and domains I run across, but it’s a great escape from emails, IM’s, searching and blogging during designated working time.

I usually don’t cover Domain Name oriented news at Search Engine Journal, as doing so could appear to be a spammy way to clean up on domain oriented AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network clicks, but Chris Richmond from a company called PCNames emailed me the other day with some info on their Domain Name Search Engine.

PCNames uses Ajax technology to automatically suggest domain names as the user is typing into the search box… think Google Suggest for Domains. But they don’t stop there… as PCNames is suggesting domains they automatically let you know if the domain is available or taken.

If you use GoDaddy to search for domain names, you’ll find that it usually takes about 4 or 5 seconds to search for the domain and then view availability.

With PCNames, the results are served almost instantly. It’s quite an amazing time saver.

Now, if they could also serve alternative domain suggestions… oh wait, they do at PCNames Domain Tools!

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Domain Name Search 2.0 : PCNames

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