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Dogpile Search Engine Changes Name to Avoid Stink

Dogpile Search Engine Changes Name to Avoid Stink

Dogpile has changed its name to WebFetch in the UK and Europe to differentiate itself from the image of doggie doo, which the name Dogpile conjures up in the heads of more British and Europeans than it does in the US. PC Pro reports that Infospace has admitted as much saying that “The new name has wider international comprehension, while maintaining a strong association with its ever-popular cult dog mascot – Arfie.”

In the US, no matter what your image is of a dog’s pile, the DogPile name will stick to the meta search engine and useful search toolbar. Dogpile relies on other tools for most of its functionality. For normal searches it uses: Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, About, Overture and Teoma. Web directories include About, LookSmart and Open Directory. The list of resources continues with paid inclusion sites like Overture, Sprinks and FindWhat and vertical search engines like Yahoo, Ditto, ABC News, PriceGrabber, Guaranteed Search Inclusion, among others.

Futhermore, DogPile’s (WebFetch’s) toolbar has made some friends with its RSS Feed Reader. Search Engine Journal’s Sushubh Mittal reports “Dogpile enables Internet Explorer users to keep track of their favorite feeds in a very convenient form of a scrolling toolbar. The toolbar comes with 3 preconfigured feeds: News from ABC and Fox network and a feed to keep a track of what people are searching at the moment (SearchSpy). Users are free to add any RSS feed to this list and set the interval time to update the feeds. The ticker can be run both vertically and horizontally. I personally prefer horizontal scrolling. Dogpile also keeps the downloaded feeds locally stored as a webpage accessible from the toolbar itself. This page can be used to get the snapshot of all the newsfeeds in 1 single view”

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Dogpile Search Engine Changes Name to Avoid Stink

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