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Do You Use Mind Mapping to Organize Keywords and Ideas?

Do You Use Mind Mapping to Organize Keywords and Ideas?

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind Mapping means graphically representing words, ideas, concepts, tasks in the form of a diagram – it is thus outlining some structural knowledge around some core word or concept.

Mind maps are used to:

  • Structure, and classify ideas and words (e.g. in keyword research)
  • To visualize and ellaborate further on ideas (e.g. in writing and content brainstorming and research).

A Brief Look at Free Mind-Mapping Tools:

There are plenty of free web apps that let you create mind maps, this short overview looks only at those that:

  • Offer something different
  • Are free and fun.
Core featureCollaboration?SharingDemo
Flow ChartMulti-user, multi-page support; drawing tools; Record/Playback your flowchart.Live collaborationEmbed and/or export as an imagePlayground
ThinkOrganize each idea as a thought. Each thought is then further divided into nodes.NoExport / share as an imageThink -> tutorial
Gliffy (free account comes with unlimited number of public diagrams)Powerful techy-oriented diagram creation toolYesEmbed and/or export as an imageVideo
BBC’s PinballFun, arcade-game-like brainstorming utilityNoExport / share as an image
GlinkrAttach linksNoEmbed as iFrame, Import / Export as XMLExamples

Can You Learn to Mind Map?

Yes, for sure. All you need is just start playing and you’ll find your own way to do that.

Continue Reading Below

A great way to start and get inspired to is to get the copy of Mark Dykeman’s eBook called “Unstuck, Focused, Orgamized Using Mind Mapping“.

The book gives a reat rount-down of:

  • Various ways to use mind maps to clear your mind and get unstuck;
  • Examples of how actually people can get started with mind maps;
  • Mind-mapping at home (using pen and pencil);
  • Mind-mapping software;
  • etc, etc.

Mind mapping

Do you mind-map? Share your tips!


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