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Do Not Buy Links From Mass Emails : PR4 @ 39 euros / Sitewide 59 euros

Do Not Buy Links From Mass Emails : PR4 @ 39 euros / Sitewide 59 euros

If publicly soliciting buyers for paid linking with pricing based upon Google PageRank and incoming links is a surefire way to get a site and its link advertisers penalized by Google, why would a link selling service send out mass emails to thousands of publishers and SEO’s with this email subject line : PR4 @ 39 euros / Sitewide 59 euros ?

I’m sure many of you SEO’s and site owners have seen these mails pop up in your inbox and I’ve even had some colleagues ask me about whether or not they should buy links on such sites. My answer to them, as it is to you, is no. Publicly selling such links via mass emailing is like selling crack in front of the police station … out of a fluorescent green van that says “Cheap Crack” on the side of it.

It’s an invitation to get busted and bring down everyone with them. It’s a stupid sales tactic and exposes everyone involved in the transaction process.

Here’s a sample of the email I received yesterday, which I’ve received from the same link seller various times, who sends these out for different sites. I’ll try to share this without outing the seller.

PR4 @ 39 euros / Sitewide 59 euros

Hi ,

Another great offer for a contextual link on a domain which dates
back to 1996, it is a strong PR4 domain with over 350 back-links
registered by Yahoo.
This is the domain:

For a single link, these will be placed in the main body of the text
on the first page after the flash page (default.html) directly under

To buy a single link on the default page @ 39 euros please fill out
the form on this page:


This domain has 47 pages indexed by Google, of which there are three
PR3 pages and seven PR2 pages. To buy a site-wide link @ 59 euros (a
link on the 46 pages excluding the default page) please fill out the
form on this page:


Once you have done so it will take you to Paypal where you can pay
with a credit card securely, afterwards you will be returned to the
XXX and your link will be made

As usual there are only 30 links available then these offers will

OK, do you think this is a bargain? Well I’ll tell you what’s wrong here.

  • First of all, I never signed up for these bulletins and I know many others are also receiving them who never signed up so either this company has a list of conference attendees (which could be 4000+) or is simply working off of a spam mass email list.
  • If I’m getting this email, sure as hell thousands of others are who could send this mail directly to the Google spam team.
  • This site is selling links based upon a price set to value the links according to the Google PageRank metric. Google does not like this.
  • They are selling these links OUT IN THE OPEN, even defining the pages where the links will be placed, therefore, outing the companies that they have worked with and who are buying links from them.
  • I don’t know, but 350 Yahoo backlinks is not a whole lot of links. They could be from relevant authority sites in this site’s niche, but I doubt it.
  • You should never buy links based upon Google “Toolbar” PageRank value. It is not an indicator of the quality of a link or juice which is passed through that link.
  • If you’re gonna buy links, do it quietly. Don’t buy links from people who are selling them on the open market. This is just not a very good idea at all. This site is not careful and will be outed or penalized by Google. As will yours perhaps.

Don’t buy these links. If you do so, they are a recipe for danger and failure. Be smart in your link building, you’re better than this 🙂

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Do Not Buy Links From Mass Emails : PR4 @ 39 euros / Sitewide 59 euros

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