Do Facebook’s New Verified Pages Add Brand Value?

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Facebook’s new verified page option provides a little blue check mark that helps fans filter out impostor pages. So what does this mean? As social media becomes the norm, Facebook has become the most coveted social media platform. Social networking managers and business owners are pouring in to create buzz around their business, launch new products, drum up interest in the latest music album. People want to follow the youth icons, the legendary singers, and the famous actors. The loyalists of the popular brands want to be updated and Facebook pages offer quick, easy to digest updates. Verified Facebook pages offer a unique opportunity for brands to protect and build their brand on Facebook.

How to get Facebook’s New Verified Pages

Increasing social media presence for celebrities and popular brands will be easier now as Facebook offers verified accounts. But, not just any brand or an upcoming celeb can get a verified page. Verified pages have to be initiated by Facebook. The social media giant uses its discretion to offer verified pages based on the number of likes and subscribers, which reflects the brand’s popularity and credibility. Then, each account is manually approved to ensure no fake accounts are verified.


  • High-profile stars can opt for nicknames instead of their birth name, which Facebook does not usually allow.
  • It becomes more feasible to secure a firm place in the ‘People to subscribe to’ suggestion list
  • Helps protect brands and fans alike by ensuring interested subscribers can easily find the actual page of their favorite brand or celeb.

Protect Your Brand’s Credibility 

Standing out from the pack is the biggest challenge that online brands face. Don’t let your loyalists fall into the trap of subscribing to a fake account. Brands are getting active assistance from Facebook in this area, so make sure to accept if Facebook offers you a verified page.

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