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Discounts for Google Page Rank

A software firm is issuing reseller discounts to bloggers who comment on their package and the discount is determined by that blogs Google Page Rank. While either a genius or dangerous way to both draw buzz to one’s product and increase their overall Gogle rankings (until Google finds out), this is an interesting study in both viral and search engine marketing. Heck, I’m blogging about them already for nothing! So is BoingBoing and Andy Beal (who I got this news lead from).

From Thinstall:

We need your help spreading the news about Thinstall. As a blogger who discusses programming and programming tools, we value your comments and know that other programmers look to you for advice. As a reward for mentioning Thinstall in your blog, we want to offer you a discount for Thinstall Studio.

The more popular your blog is, the more advertising value it has for us and the steeper the discount we’ll offer. If you are super-popular, you can have a 1 cent copy! The easiest way for us to measure popularity is using Google Page Rank.


1. Your blog or web page must discuss programming related issues, tools, or be of interest to people who might purchase Thinstall. Discussion on won’t qualify.

2. The web page that discusses Thinstall must be put up in place before ordering Thinstall, we will verify your Page Rank before completing the order.

3. The web page that discusses Thinstall must have the qualifying Page Rank. I.e. If your main page has a Page Rank of 6 but you mention Thinstall on another page with a Rank of 4 – you will only qualify for a 4-Discount

4. You must agree to leave the web page up for at least 4 months, you cannot remove the reference page or move it the dark corners of your web site directly after purchase.

We reserve the right to refuse a sale or discount to anyone.

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Discounts for Google Page Rank

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