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Digglicious – Digg Meets

Digglicious – Digg Meets

A colleague sent me over an email last week about Digglicious, an AJAX hybrid of Digg and where bookmarking meets social voting. The site is a bit of a novelty, but could prove to be a fine alternative to watching reruns of Three’s Company at 4 in the morning. Albeit full of information overload, something similar may serve well in vertical industries such as search, feeding off of, Digg and a search news monitoring service.

Digglicious describes their service: is a mashup of two fantastic websites; and If you are not familiar with these sites, go and check them them out then come back and enjoy this portal into the best of both. is a news site where users post links to articles and cool websites, you then vote (digg) for ones that you like. Articles that recieve enough diggs will be promoted to the frontpage. is a bookmarking site where users can keep track of all their internet bookmarks (favourites) online. It has a great system that lets you see what sites are being bookmarked by users from around the world.

DiggLicious combines information from these two sites to provide lists of items that are being dugg and items that are being bookmarked on The main page uses AJAX technology to automatically update the stories as they are being dugg and bookmarked. Stories or Sites that are both Dugg and added to delicious are a must see!

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Digglicious – Digg Meets

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