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Todd Malicoat has put together a simple yet effective guide to Digg for search marketers which is packed with stats on Digg usage, the traffic which Digg can bring to a site, the aftershock of linking and continued traffic and references to some of the best articles out there about Digg, which are penned by the search community.

I really like Todd’s quote when comparing Digg (or social media for that matter) to traditional algorithm based search:

One of the beauties of digg is if there is CRAP in the index – you know exactly who to blame for it. Giving humans editorial authority will create alternate issues to most search engines (problems more similar to dmoz likely) – but overall it seems to have increased the relevance as well as even sometimes the speed of information.

Todd ID’s some heavy Digg stats:

*’s US market share of visits increased 231% comparing the week ending October 21, 2006 versus the week ending October 22, 2005

* US market share of visits increased 176% comparing September 2006 versus September 2005

* is the third most visited website within the Hitwise US News and Media – IT category for the week ending October 21, 2006

* is the ranked at 114 most visited website within the Hitwise US News and Media category for the week ending October 21, 2006

Speaking of Digg, every once in a while a story becomes burried once it hits the Digg homepage. While the initial reaction to such banishment may be negative by the news publisher or the person (persons) who submitted the piece, Michael Gray shows that being burried alive on isn’t so bad.

When you play on Digg you have to understand getting buried is part of the game, and sometimes it happens. However it’s not quite as bad as it sounds as you can see in the graph below.

More from Graywolf’s Getting Buried in Digg, Not as Bad as it Sounds.

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