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Digg Bans Users Who Digg Too Often

Digg has been sending out messages which explain the banning of user accounts which Digg has red flagged as possible spammers or just non-quality Diggers. Digg is however asking those banned users to imporve their Digging behavior and clean up their act, then Digg will open the accounts again:

Your account was banned for the rate of Digging activity you’ve engaged in. We’ve determined that the time in which your Diggs happen, it isn’t possible to actually read the stories. Please read each and every story before you Digg or bury a story. Once you agree that you will Digg/bury more responsibly and read the stories, we will unban your account.

Amazing if their algorithm tracks Diggs from users who Digg too many stories as not having the same value of those users who Digg chosen stories more sporadically.

While not accusing users of spamming, Digg seems to be addressing several issues with this controversial move; those users trying to build profiles in order to game Digg and the Digg-fanatics who Digg every story they can before reading it.

In a discussion on, user NoUpsell explains his situation with Digg banning his account :

I was banned recently for the very same thing. I’ll openly admit I didn’t always read the full articles right off the bat (ok lesson learned) also sometimes I’d bookmark ones I’d come back to and not think twice about time constraints digging stories back to back after saving them… this time I agreed to the terms of my reinstatement to read the full article so as to get unbanned being as I was informed this is my last chance due to the fact the first time I was banned for mass blind digging.

Have your account been banned from Digg? And if so, why do you think so?

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Digg Bans Users Who Digg Too Often

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