Digg 4 is Released, But Are Users “Burying” This New Version?

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Digg, the user-powered social news website, has released its new version – Digg 4. If you are not familiar with exactly what Digg is, here’s the long and short of it. Created in 2004 Digg allows users to post links to stories they find interesting to share with other members of the site. Whenever other users view these links they have the option to vote on whether they like it or not – choosing between “digging” or “burying” the story.

With version 4 all major social network are integrated into the site allowing users to find new people to follow on Digg by searching through their contacts on sites like Twitter, Google and Facebook. Another new feature is what they call My News. With this feature, users can personalize the news stories they want to see on their homepage by displaying the most recent news based on what’s buzzing in their social circle. Of course, this won’t be for everyone and those that don’t wish to use My News can stick with the traditional homepage that shows stories from around the world.

All these features should have Digg fans high-fiving around the world, however there were a few glitches that had some users wishing to “bury” version 4. With the influx of new traffic it is causing the site to run slower than usual which is one of the main problems Diggers are having with the upgraded site. Even though a lot of users do belong to one or more social networks, not everyone does – believe it or not – and some of Digg’s most die-hard fans have stopped using the site all together because of this integration.

As with most new upgrades, Digg 4 is just getting its footing and is actively working on any problems so that their vision of a new, more social interface will come to fruition completely; and hopefully with minimal user loss and maximum new user gain.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • OldTimeDigger

    Wow, did you even read the comments on why Digg users have stopped using Digg? It's not because of the integration of social media. I use Facebook, and I do not like the new Digg. You make it seem like only those without Facebook dislike it. It's the fact that Digg has a purpose: Show the latest popular news pieces voted up by others. Throughout the day, people continually do that (browse, vote, read comments, laugh/ponder, repeat). The new Digg is a step back from this model because it moves away from showing the latest news and letting users check the headlines they want throughout the day. It pushes this Subscription/Following type of model. Digg is supposed to be simple. Give me the latest news, and let me go back to where I left off when I come back.
    You are definitely correct about the bugs and errors, which should be fixed but doesn't help its new launch….

    • http://twitter.com/yvonneSEJ Yvonne Bell

      Obviously, my intention was NOT to make it seem like that was the only reason why people dislike the new Digg. I suppose I should have added more of the reasons why users are so up in arms about v4, but as I was perusing various sites that posted about the new version A LOT of the comments I was seeing were about the were about the overall dislike of the new social networking aspects so I guess that is what stuck out to me as I was writing.

      I appreciated you pointing this out to me and from now on I will be sure to go more in-depth in my posts, thanks!

  • Digg Disappointment

    yeah the new digg is just back asswards. With the Facebook/Twitter integration of the old digg letting me know what my friends are digging already, why would they put it in front of my face twice with this new following model? Stupid, going to reddit.

  • David

    Yvonne, I see you are new at search engine journal. I think before you start writing gibberish, you should do more research.. perhaps join a few of these 'social' sites first so you can be better informed about what is going on. The new Digg is hated by most of the users. Have you even read the comments on there ? This has nothing to do with power users. Most people just hate the new design and the features it took away from them. Digg sold it's soul to big publishers such as Mashables, Engadget, Ars etc. Take a look at the articles on the Frontpage right now.. you will notice they are all coming from the same gang of large publisher sites which are pushing lots of strories through rss feeds. Digg used to be about user power, user's found great stories , tailored their titles and descriptions to perfection and submitted it. The overall reward was seeing your submission on the Frontpage viewed by millions of users and if you were a small publisher site, a lot of traffic.

    Kevin rose has fallen into this self delusion that he can convert Digg into the next twitter. He has already tried with one called WeFollow, which failed & this is yet another attempt. Digg was Digg not because of Kevin Rose or any of the large publishers, but because of the core dedicated users who invested a lot of time on building up the site.

    Get some

  • ShineBox

    Digg v4 is one of the biggest flops ever made by an established site. The only question remaining… how to they stop the outflow of users?

  • Yvonneisafuckingidiot

    I'm sorry Yvonne but you have no fucking idea what you are talking about. Actually, I'm not sorry. Just shut the fuck up.

  • http://webmindset.wordpress.com Webmindset

    I'd say we're a tough crowd… but I can't have much sympathy for Digg.
    It hacks my giblets to lose ANY funcionality involuntarily, but I'm not too freaked about the graphic issues.

  • http://www.webhostinglogic.com/web-marketing/web-marketing-home.html Seo Guru

    It is but natural for old Digg users to react differently to version 4 as it is really so different from the old version. The news which can be seen at once has nowhere to be found except if you add the category. That in effect had made Digg users so furious.

  • Zuranian

    You turned a content driven site generated by users into some copycat social “marketing terms here” garbage where every link now comes basically from paid sponsors, thus destroying the only purpose of the site. Period. All the money and market research and hip terms and catch phrase can't change the simple fact… they turned a user populated site into a corporate driven ad news feed. It's nothing more than a Mashable RSS feed now. Feel free to look for yourself.

  • http://www.pressbox.cz Veletrh

    I so don't like this new version!!! I just really hate it…

  • http://www.mill-for-sale.net/ vertical roller mill

    Digg is better than before…