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Dick Cheney Shoots Lawyer On Quail Hunting Trip

Dick Cheney Shoots Lawyer On Quail Hunting Trip

In a story which reads like a passage from The Onion, Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot one of his hunting partners, who is 78 years old, on a quail hunting trip in Texas. Although the Vice President completely missed the quail he was aiming in the path of, if Dick Cheney was out there in the Texas wilderness Lawyer Hunting, he was a pretty dang good shot.

Austin Attorney Harry Whittington, who was described as wearing a bright orange vest at the time, was ‘sprayed’ (a kind way of saying shot) in the face, upper chest and neck by the Vice President’s pellet shot. Vice President Cheney, who Mr. Whittington’s daughter describes as a “very accomplished hunter”, has a long history of hunting mishaps, including mistaking an indangered killdeer for a dove in 1994, and blowing away the bird in front of television cameras.

A new resident of St. Michaels on Maryland’s Eastern Shore (which is the Goose hunting capital of the world), Mr. Cheney may want to head to Pintail Point to work on his trap and quail hunting skills, or refresh his Hunter’s Safety card at Chesapeake College. Good question, does Mr. Cheney even have a Hunter’s Safety card?

Ok, and what does this have to do with search engines? There has been a small argument in the news aggregation community that Google News is biased. For those who argue that Google News is too conservative and kind to the Republican party, one may want to check out the coverage today of Dick Cheney’s hunting accident.

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and a bit of humor from BlogCritics :
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Dick Cheney Shoots Lawyer On Quail Hunting Trip

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