Diane Von Furstenberg Introduces High Fashion Frames For Google Glass

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Diane Von Furstenberg Introduces High Fashion Frames For Google Glass

First, Google introduced the Google Glass Titanium Collection. Then they teamed up with the makers of Ray Ban and Oakley to add more style to the Google Glass design.

Now there’s yet another option for fashion conscious men and women who want to invest in Google Glass technology but haven’t been taken by any of the designs introduced thus far.

Net-A-Porter, who calls themselves “the world’s premier online luxury fashion destination”, just introduced a selection of limited edition Google Glass products designed by Diane von Furstenberg.

In addition to selling the features of Google Glass, Net-A-Porter offers the following description of their limited-edition frames:

Elegant frames meet cutting-edge technology – fashion pioneer Diane von Furstenberg’s lightweight eyewear designed for Glass flatter every face shape.

The Frames include Glass and a UV lens clip, and are available in both men’s and women’s styles. The women’s frames retail for $1,800, while the men’s collection is quite a bit cheaper at $1,470.

That means it’s actually cheaper to buy the men’s designer frames from Net-A-Porter than it is to buy Glass directly from Google, as Google sells the units for $1,500.

Diane von Furstenberg released a video to coincide with the release of her designer frames, where she chats with Google Glass lead designer Isabelle Olsson.

In the video, von Furstenberg discusses how the frames make Glass much more accessible to women. She says that when she revealed her Google Glass designs to the world during Fashion Week, it was the first time that fashion and technology had ever really collided.

Olsson explains in the video how she felt about the original Google Glass design before arriving at the version that is available today, which came after nearly two years of development.

Olsson describes it as “a scuba mask with a phone attached to it, with cables running down to a backpack.”

Here is an example of one of Diane von Furstenberg’s limited edition frames.

Image Credit: net-a-porter.com

Image Credit: net-a-porter.com


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