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Developer Version of Android’s Next Gen Music App Leaked

Developer Version of Android’s Next Gen Music App Leaked

Anyone who has an Android phone should be jumping for joy at the great news we released just the other day, outlining Google’s upcoming Android music player. This music player, which has been showcased in limited demos since May of 2010, is packed to overflowing with great new features and tools. We were able to get some great, leaked details on the application for our report, but it looks like someone’s leaked something even bigger: the application itself.

According to a report over at the Android Community, the music player — which is thought to be slated for either an OTA release with Gingerbread or as part of the package when Honeycomb is introduced around March — is now available in limited form. It’s a developer, debugger rendition, which means it’s by no means perfect. Even the leaked data from people who’ve hacked the application to their rooted phones clarify, as if on infinite repeat, that the kinks are a natural part of the program at this stage of the game.

But those who are eager to get the new iteration can do so. The process is fairly straightforward for those who know how to work their Android system. To get this app:

1) Backup your system. Every — last — bit.
2) Root your phone. There are sites that provide extensive directions on this, and some cell carriers aren’t exactly a fan of you choosing this course of action.
3) Delete the music player that’s installed in your system apps.
4) Install the new application, which is available (at least for the time being) right here. (Link provided courtesy of Android Community).

Obviously, this isn’t the lowest-risk option, but it is available. For everyone else, pictures and videos are being made available to showcase everything this upcoming app has to offer.


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