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Details on Yahoo BOSS V2 Updates

We announced a while ago that Yahoo BOSS V2, the new version of Yahoo’s do-it-yourself search back-end, was in the wild, but many of the features were tucked away in obscure corners or were still on the “pending” list of implementation. Now Yahoo has released a full breakdown of the updated features. They are:

  • Compatibility with SQL and YQL coding. SQL coding can be used via BOSS mashup to create advanced interfaces, commands, and more. You can also implement user-created YQL codes.
  • Improved BOSS news. The BOSS news interface has been upgraded, allowing searches for specific headlines, regional news, and language-specific news.
  • Improved documentation. The library of PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, and C# examples has been expanded.
  • Increased control on daily use limits. Developers can now specify a ceiling on spending, freezing the search engine’s use once the cap is hit.
  • Support for HTTPS. All BOSS features are now available from an HTTPS access address. This works in combination with theoAuth security features that already part of BOSS V2.

However, all this, according to the Yahoo announcement on the topic, is “only scratching the surface of what Y! Search BOSS can offer you.” Upcoming features will be varied, but the next item on the list seems to be improved blog search features. Yahoo Search BOSS V2 has been available since April. While V1 will continue to be available until July 20th, all users who haven’t migrated to the new version will lose access at that time.

[Sources include: The YSearch Blog]


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Details on Yahoo BOSS V2 Updates

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