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Delicious is a widely used social bookmarking tools – it stores a wealth of information on people’s web preferences and on how useful they find each web page. There are a few tools that can retrieve that data and represent it to you in more or less comprehensible way.

Analyze any site / URL shows which domains your site can be associated with based on the preferences of those who bookmarked it.


Delicious URL search will trigger most popular tags the page was associated with as well as recent descriptions members used to bookmark it.

Cloudalicious (warning: works very slow) is an interesting tool that will grab all tags associated with the URL and visualize them in a graph. Not only will it enable you to see the page popularity on Delicious over time, you will also be able to see which tags people associate it with and when:


Analyze tags:

Delicious Tag Browser is meant to graphically represent relation between tags. Clicking on each tag triggers more related tags. You can also zoom the graph in and out and have much fun moving it in 3D format.

Tag browser

Revealicious is a set of graphic visualization tools for your Delicious account that allow you to analyze your tags. Its TagsCloud section will display the tags you are using to save pages in a cloud; when you click on any tag, you’ll be able to see related tags.

TagsCloud is an interactive visualization inspired from own tags cloud. It will enable you to have an overview of all your tags, and interactively determine the relations between them. What is special is that you can filter and re-arrange tags according to the number of posts that were tagged, and according to their connexion to the selected tags.


Its another tool – Grouper – will group your tags into 3 section based on how often you use them:


Spacenav is another tool by Revealicious – it represents tags in circles helping you to discover the relations between your tags, as well as recognize different pattern characteristics of certain groups of tags. You will be able to see the relation of tags by colors and circle position:

Spacenav generates a tag cloud or displays random Yahoo images search result for each of a user’s tag words.

Delicioussoup (just for fun) lets you analyze your bookmarks and visualizes its relations in the form of soup blobs.


Delicious search exploder builds a huge tag cloud for every search you run. Once you choose one, it refines the search based on all prior searches.

Delicious Exploder

Track Delicious:

Trendalicious is a real-time ranking of the 100 most popular web pages as reflected by Delicious, Digg, and Reddit. URLs posted to those sites are collected and ranked by their total number of votes or links.

Oishii (I won’t even try to pronounce that) sorts pages based on Delicious global popularity. It is Delicious “mini-zeitgeist. Oishii! checks the Delicious front page every 5 minutes, and returns all sites bookmarked by at least 30 people.”

Digglicious tracks hot stories on Digg and Delicious.

Thumblicious lets you view thumbshots of most recent or popular Delicious stories:


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  • Guy

    You are a very sharp writer and have some great ideas. I wonder if you could tell me how I get the political page for facebook instead of the freinds page. I just can’t seem to figure it out. I’m sure it is simple but I’m missing it. Any help would be appreciated I have to put up a site for a candidate today.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    @Guy : I suggest making a Facebook fanpage :

    This way, people can become fans when viewing the updates on their social map and from the social profiles of friends. This is very effective for ‘viral’ social marketing.

    Best, Loren

  • Colleen

    Nicely presented Ann. I couldn’t help but notice the attention to detail of the images and thoughts in this article. I’m emailing this to myself to digest, as you’ve put a lot of information in one place. 😉

  • Nina Anthony

    Thanks for your usual informative post. BTW, “Oishii” is the equivalent of “Mmmmm, tasty!” or “Yummy!” in Japanese.

  • Blue Dot

    Out of all the Social Bookmarks which one would be the best for link building? Or at least the top 3…

  • Tad Chef

    Sadly has disappeared it seems.

    • Ann Smarty

      It look like this, unlinked it so far…


    Ann, I don’t know if you’re still following this article’s thread, but I really appreciate your work here, as it was just the kind of thing I was looking for. : )

    I’m -still- looking for a way to do this using my Firefox bookmarks, not just ones!