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Advertisement Redesigns Homepage with Hotlist

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    READS Redesigns Homepage with Hotlist Redesigns Homepage with Hotlist

Following the trend of recent redesigns and feature additions by 2.0 veterans Flickr, Yahoo and YouTube, has now redesigned its homepage and added the new hot list.

From the blog:

The popular page is very… well, popular. Many of you read it frequently and use it to find interesting new links. While it is a great source of links, I thought we could do a better job of showing off what the community is thinking about and looking at. So we’re trying something new: You’ll notice that the homepage now features a hotlist which is updated every hour to show you the top three most popular links as of that moment. These links are taken directly from the popular page, and we never show the same link twice. This guarantees that every time you visit the homepage, you’ll see something new (well, at least every hour).

Some loyalists are already calling the new additiion “” while others are hailing the new redesign. What do you think?

Om Malik is hosting a vote on the new redesign at GigaOm


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