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  3. SEO Browser Bookmarks Import Tool Browser Bookmarks Import Tool introduced a new import tool for transferring your existing browser bookmarks from Firefox, IE, Safari or Opera into live tagged bookmarks.

The bookmark import function seems quite painless. Just go to and select Settings. You’ll see the import link in the settings box on the right side of the screen.

Stephen posts on the blog:

For most users the import is pretty quick. If you have a large number of browser bookmarks it might take some time to process; once it starts, you can leave the import page and come back later to check the status.

We took our time on this one because we wanted to make sure that your privacy was protected. After all, your browser bookmarks and favorites have been private up till now, and nobody wants to see all those Brangelina articles you saved, anyway. So when you import your bookmarks into we will mark everything as “not shared”. You are free to share them at any time – in fact, we encourage you to do so. Sharing is really what this site is about, after all.

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