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  3. SEO Bookmarks Firefox Add-on Updated Bookmarks Firefox Add-on Updated yesterday launched an updated version of their Mozilla Firefox extension, Bookmarks Firefox Add-on. users have skyrocketed over the past 6 months, jumping from one million users in September of 2006 to over 2 million users today. The increase in usage has been somewhat attributed to the popularity of the original Firefox add-on, and Yahoo!, & its founder Joshua Schachter were quite excited about the growth of the social bookmarking platform which should parallel this new release. Firefox extension

In addition to the integrated tagging and customized toolbar which was made available in the original Firefox add-on, has included these new features in the update:

  • Import, manage, search, sort thousands of bookmarks from Firefox
  • Simultaneously access Firefox and bookmarks
  • Individually choose bookmarks for import into

Nick Nguyen & Patrick Hunt post on the blog:

Today’s release is the culmination of months of gathering feedback and turning it into real improvements for our users. The latest extension allows you to easily import, manage, search, and sort thousands of bookmarks from within Firefox in a way that is familiar to anyone who’s ever bookmarked a page in a web browser.

Compared to our original release back in October, we now have an all-new sidebar that incorporates sorting and related tag options, and performance has been greatly improved for users with lots of bookmarks. And if you tried the extension a couple months ago and weren’t quite ready to let go of your Firefox bookmarks, we’ve brought them back. Whether you’re new to or were with us from the start, we hope you’ll find our extension to be a useful and powerful tool for handling your bookmarks.

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