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Dave Sifry Leaves Technorati

Dave Sifry made the announcement on the Technorati blog yesterday that he is leaving his post of CEO at the blog search & trends tracking company.

Dave says that the company has been conducting a search for a new CEO since this spring. Until a new CEO is found, the role of CEO will be operated by committee with Teresa Malo, CFO, Dorion Carroll, their Vice President of Engineering and Derek Gordon, their Vice President of Marketing stepping in.

What’s next for Mr. Sifry, it’s probably safe to say he’ll be involved in another passion shortly:

I’ve been doing startups for almost all of my adult life. And I LOVE startups. I love the teams. I love the sense of mission, and the fast innovation. I love building something from an idea – a whiff of air over vocal cords – into a real, concrete business with real customers and a deep and real sense of corporate mission. I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten the opportunity to do that with so many diverse teams and businesses – SecuRemote, Linuxcare, Sputnik, and Technorati.

The question is, what company will be next on this list?

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Dave Sifry Leaves Technorati

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