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Display Ad Creation Platform, Dapper, to be Acquired by Yahoo

Display Ad Creation Platform, Dapper, to be Acquired by Yahoo

Looking to not only maintain its rank as the “most successful force in display advertising”, Yahoo has a signed a deal to acquire Dapper, a technological platform that assists in display ad creation. The deal that is said to be completed by the fourth quarter this year, will help to make display ad creation and optimization easier and more efficient for their customers. Yahoo has also been looking for a way to speed up the adoption of their Smart Ads and this technology may just give them the boost that they have been looking for.

Co-founder Erin Shir had a lot to say about the matter:

“In display advertising, there’s no player with bigger leverage than Yahoo. Being part of Yahoo, we can actually make a dent in what people consider an ad should be. What they expect it to be. We have a chance to lead a revolution centered around the ad unit, the experience it takes a user through, the conversation it generates between a brand and a person. We have seen a thirst for it in the last year as we embarked on our Fixing Advertising crusade and we believe it can be done.”

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