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Dabble Launches & Online Video Viewing Behavior Study

Dabble Launches & Online Video Viewing Behavior Study

Dabble Launches & Online Video Viewing Behavior Study

In a bid to become the Flickr of video (which is also what YouTube is going for), Dabble has launched a private beta. Video is hot, hot, hot. Given all the video sites/startups, later this year or next there will be some consolidation (with Yahoo! and Google probably figuring prominently there I would imagine). I’ve gotten access to Dabble and will try it out later.

Search, for all its coverage, respresents a small fraction of the percentage of time that people spend online. Well over 90% of people’s time is spent with content (news being the number one category). But video, of which news is the content leader, will be increasingly prominent in terms of what users do online.

Online those lines, the Online Publishers Assn. has just released a new video report that explores who watches online video, how often and why. Here are some top-level findings:

* The top ways people discover online video is by 1) going to specific destination sites, 2) serendipitous discovery 3) clicking on email links (viral) and 4) via search engines

* One quarter of users watch online video weekly (and a substantial number watch at work); 5% watch online video daily

* As mentioned, there’s a heavy social/viral component to distributing video with 48% of those sharing or recommending online video sending email links to others

* Five percent of users have paid for online video (many users would pay for full-length movies or music videos)

* And users are not unreceptive to commercials in video streams, most want shorter ads but would be tolerant of longer ads. And 31% have visited sites based on video, while 8% have actually made purchases.

Here’s the release; you can also get a copy of the full report from the site.

Greg Sterling is the founding principal of Sterling Market Intelligence, a consulting and research firm focused on online consumer and advertiser behavior and the relationship between the Internet and traditional media, with an emphasis on the local marketplace.

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Dabble Launches & Online Video Viewing Behavior Study

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