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7 Ways to Customize Your Google Search Results Page

For some Google’s simplistic interface is its best advantage. Others may think it is too boring. This post looks at some ways to beatify Google search as well as give it more visualizing and entertaining features:

1. Google Preview

GooglePreview is a FireFox addon that adds a thumbnail of each page within Google SERPs:

Google Preview

Similar addon: Better Search

2. Google Icons

Google Icon add the favicon next to each search result (if available) in Google SERPs.

Icons make it easier to recognize your favorite websites and breathe more life into that dull search page.

Google icon

Similar addon: Faviconiac

3. GoogleBlack

This extension makes Google search results page black and I’d say a bit gloomy:

Google black

Similar Greasemonkey script: Google enhanced BLACK

4. Push Google Search Ads Right

This script pushes Google ads from above organic search results to the right:


Google ads right


Google ads right

Related script: Remove Google Sponsored Links

5. Colorful Google Search

This script adds some fun to Google SERPs: random light background colors of search results.

Clorful Google search

6. Google Keyword Highlight

This userscript highlights search keywords in the result of Google search.

Google keyword highlighter

7. Google Numbered Results

Google Search Results – Numbered – adds numbers to Google results

Numbered Google search results

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7 Ways to Customize Your Google Search Results Page

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