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CrowdFound : Social Discovery Engine

CrowdFound : Social Discovery Engine

The founders of this social-networking, social bookmarking site with people powered categorization of content hoped to provide a topic centric approach rather than a people centric approach to content on the web.

At CrowdFound, users get to categorize article on the web into predefined categories and sub-categories. While the features have lot of similarity with the social bookmarking sites, the emphasis here is on letting content be the center of social networks rather than people.

A quote from the article at iTwire

CrowdFound claims that “this direct topic-based interfacing will allow users to rapidly identify other users’ interests in a particular topic and then communicate with each other in a topic-centric community.”

There are some nifty features to be found there that will appeal to all ( I bumped across a video of Guy Kawasaki’s presentation on entrepreneurial must-haves). The site is a good try.

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