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Create Multiple Sites in Google Page Creator

Create Multiple Sites in Google Page Creator

The Google Operating System blog (not associated with Google) has published some tips on creating up to five sites on Google Page Creator using one single Google Account.

First, enable “experimental features” in Site Settings. Then go to the page manager and click on “Create a site with a different address”, choose an address and that’s it. As the address has the format *, you can’t choose the name of an existing Gmail account.

This is a good way to overcome the limitation of having only 100 MB space and only 100 files, without creating a new account.

Upon launching, Google Page Creator was only allowing one hosted website per Google Account, this however has changed, along with the Google “How do I create a new site” Help Page.

Previously :“During this initial testing period, we’re only allowing each account to have a single site. However, this site can be comprised of up to 100 pages. We’ll soon be offering support for multiple sites, but don’t have any specific timeline to share at this point.”


“Select the Create a site with a different address link that appears near the top of the Page Manager.”

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Create Multiple Sites in Google Page Creator

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