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Create and Distribute Videos Google TV Ads via Spotmixer

Google AdWords is now working with Spotmixer, an online video advertising service which allows advertisers to create video ads (which we used to call commercials) through their interface and then purchase ad spots on cable TV and online video platforms.

The new partnership allows advertisers to create online video ads for free, with the ability to choose video templates, special effects, upload video or choose stock video footage to add to their productions.

This Youtube video explains :

The Spotmixer Google AdWords project is offering a free video produciton service with low cost precise Google powered ad targeting for its users, something that will come in quite handy in our current state of the economy.

From the Spotmixer Press Release :

Google TV Ads has offered this service to a subset of Beta advertisers since September. Based on positive response, Google has launched this do-it-yourself, free ad creation solution for any advertiser to access directly in their AdWords account when they create a TV campaign. SpotMixer’s innovative platform automatically converts an advertiser’s existing AdWords text ad into a tailored video ad within the advertiser’s AdWords account. The solution dynamically changes templates and content to ensure that each video is different and provides customers with easy options to further customize their ads.

Many of these early beta customers have already run successful Google TV Ads programs using their SpotMixer-created TV ads. These early successes not only underscore the expanded reach and measurable results that businesses are discovering with this new service, but they also point to the trend of businesses re-purposing assets they’ve already created, such as high-quality photography used on their Web site or audio from a radio ad, to produce a professional-looking television ad.

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Create and Distribute Videos Google TV Ads via Spotmixer

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