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The Craziest Queries Google Receives Each Month

Think you’ve asked Google some crazy questions in your life? They’re probably nothing compared to the top 20 more bizarre Google searches compiled by marketing firm Digitaloft.

Searchers apparently have high expectations of Google — with tens of thousands of people each month relying on the search engine to do everything from diagnosing medical conditions, to debunking myths, to predicting the future.

Topping the list is “am I pregnant?” with 90,000 searches per month. Unfortunately Google is not a doctor and no substitute for an actual pregnancy test.

We all know Google collects data on its users, but does the company know where we live? Second on the list is nearly 50,000 searches per month asking “how do I get home?”. What’s news to me is that Google offers a solution to that question, which you can see below:

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 8.56.34 PM

According to the list, an alarming number of people have some misconceptions about how the male anatomy works. Thousands of people each month want to know “do men have periods?” and “can men get pregnant?”.

It’s also concerning how many people expect Google to be able to predict the future, with questions ranging from “when will I die?” to “why are we here?”.

A query about penguins made the list of bizarre searches, but it’s not a query that would likely come from anyone in the SEO community. Rounding out the top 10 is the query “do penguins have knees?”. To tell you the truth I haven’t given that much thought, I think we’re all more concerned with when the next Google Penguin update will roll out.

Those were some of the queries that stood out most to me, but to really understand how unusual some of these queries can get you need to see the full list for yourself.

Here are the top 20 most bizarre Google queries for your reading enjoyment:

  1. Am I pregnant? (90,500 monthly searches)
  2. How do I get home? (49,500 monthly searches)
  3. Are aliens real? (49,500 monthly searches)
  4. Does farting burn calories? (49,500 monthly searches)
  5. When will I die? (49,500 monthly searches)
  6. Why do men have nipples? (22,200 monthly searches)
  7. Do penguins have knees? (18,100 monthly searches)
  8. Why are we here? (8,100 monthly searches)
  9. Is the tooth fairy real? (8,100 monthly searches)
  10. Do pigs sweat? (8,100 monthly searches)
  11. Does my bum look 40? (8,100 monthly searches)
  12. Is the world flat? (5,400 monthly searches)
  13. Am I a psycho? (5,400 monthly searches)
  14. Why won’t my car start? (4,400 monthly searches)
  15. Do men have periods? (3,600 monthly searches)
  16. Do worms have eyes? (2,900 monthly searches)
  17. Can a man get pregnant? (2,900 monthly searches)
  18. What happens if you drink blood? (880 monthly searches)
  19. Can I marry my cousin? (880 monthly searches)
  20. Why does my boss hate me? (170 monthly searches)
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The Craziest Queries Google Receives Each Month

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