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Could a Social Twist Brings Good Tidings to Microsoft’s Live Service?

Microsoft is rolling out some new features of its Windows Live Service that can simply be put as taking the social route. Actually it will be a whole suite of applications which Microsoft is infusing to portal. That’s right, a pseudo social network that would pull users’ online contents and various services from across the web. Aside from this, Microsoft will also be rolling out some new and old features which as Arrington said are previously being touted by Yahoo with its email service for over a year now. All these socially-relevant applications are aimed at making more interactive with the ultimate aim of making users stay longer at the site.

wlcomingsoonscreen.jpgThe new Microsoft Live Service portal would bring together Windows Live Messenger which is by far one of Microsoft’s most popular web service and infused them with both new and refurbished old online services such as an upgraded Hotmail, Windows Live Group, photo gallery, toolbar, calendar and many more.

But the most important feature of the new which will speak of its transformation into a more social portal would be the facility for users to bring in content from their other online services. Yup, non-Microsoft products and services can now be integrated into users Microsoft Live profile. These services ranges from LinkedIn, iLike, Twitter, Pandora and many more.

Now, these are what’s going to make the a more social portal and would add on to the site’s usability and purpose.

It could be pretty exciting for users before the year ends, especially for U.S. users. And this could make or break,’s relevance to Microsoft’s suite of web products.

The new Microsoft can be accessed here, but that is if you’re from the U.S. For us, non-US residents, we will have to wait until next year to see these features rolled out.

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Could a Social Twist Brings Good Tidings to Microsoft’s Live Service?

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