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Copernic Upgrades Desktop Search

Copernic Upgrades Desktop Search

Copernic released its upgraded desktop search product, Copernic Desktop Search (CDS) version 1.5., today This production release, launched after five weeks of extensive beta testing, contains major enhancements to the company’s flagship product.

Critically-acclaimed since its introduction, previous versions of CDS have collected prestigious awards such as CNET Editors’ Choice, LAPTOP Magazine’s Editors’ Choice, and “Best Desktop Search” from Pandia Search Engine Awards 2004. More recently, the beta version of CDS 1.5 received a perfect five star rating from PC Magazine UK.

The final release of CDS 1.5 features smarter CPU resource usage, improved Mozilla Thunderbird support, broader metadata indexing, support for Netscape 8, multiple performance increases, and much more. The key features introduced in the beta version of CDS 1.5 were Thunderbird and Eudora email search, indexing of network drives, improved multimedia metadata indexing, usability improvements, and a new API for adding custom file indexers.

“We always try to satisfy our customer’s needs promptly,” said Eric Bouchard, EVP of Products for Copernic. “Thanks to tens of thousands of beta testers, our very experienced development team was able to bring CDS 1.5 to its final version in a matter of weeks. This new production version reaffirms CDS as the best and most mature desktop search solution in the market.”

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Copernic Upgrades Desktop Search

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