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Copernic Spins Off Coveo Enterprise Search

Copernic Spins Off Coveo Enterprise Search

Copernic Technologies Inc. today announced the creation of a new separate company, Coveo Solutions Inc. The company will focus exclusively on providing easy-to-use, powerful and secure enterprise search software to businesses, organizations and government entities.

The creation of Coveo is in response to overwhelming market demand for its flagship product, Coveo Enterprise Search (CES), formerly known as Copernic Enterprise Search. Currently, CES is being used by more than 3,000 businesses worldwide. These businesses and organizations require robust document-level security, low total cost of ownership, and superior relevance with one, unified approach from the desktop, across the enterprise and the Internet.

“Copernic is pleased to have seen tremendous success and growing demand for both its consumer and enterprise products. Based on the differing needs of each audience, we felt it was imperative that we align strategically to effectively address these distinct market opportunities” said Martin Bouchard, Chairman of Copernic. “Copernic will continue to focus on the consumer market and Coveo is the answer for the enterprise.”

Coveo will leverage its seasoned search specialists and R & D staff to quickly react to growing market expectations and to drive innovation for the core enterprise search solutions. By streamlining operations and focusing exclusively on enterprise search solutions, Coveo will develop and market the most precise, secure and cost effective search software to ensure that customer’s needs are met.

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Copernic Spins Off Coveo Enterprise Search

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