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Copernic offers enterprise search indexing

Copernic today announces an agreement with InfoSpace, to offer Copernic’s Enterprise Search indexing technology for site search through InfoSpace’s network of search distribution partners.

InfoSpace and Copernic will offer online businesses the power to affordably integrate Web and site search into their Web sites.

This allows visitors to do broad Web searches as well as search for information contained on a particular site – without ever having to leave the originating site – to quickly find the information they’re looking for. By offering Web and site search from the same search box, InfoSpace and Copernic are enabling businesses to retain customers on their sites, creating new opportunities for increased sales.

InfoSpace’s private-label search platform enables online businesses to quickly deploy and monetize Web search at their site under their own brand.

The InfoSpace solution combines a scalable and flexible co-branding architecture with the company’s award winning metasearch technology, which searches all the leading engines and returns only the best results. As the only provider to combine all the leading paid placement engines, InfoSpace offers its partners the highest match rate and revenue per query available.

The new offering also leverages Copernic’s leading enterprise search technology, which was designed from the ground up to be flexible – meeting the cost, complexity and deployment requirements of all types of companies.

Together, InfoSpace and Copernic are offering customers a cost-effective, easy-to-use and deploy, end-to-end Web and site search that returns highly relevant results in a flash – enabling customers to easily find the information they need in a single search setting, and ultimately offering a better online experience.

“Under this agreement, InfoSpace makes it easier for its private-label search partners to increase customer revenue. From a single search box, customers will be able to locate relevant results from both their favorite site as well as the Web.

By generating more site page views, marketers will have new opportunities to monetize traffic,” said Richard Pelly, InfoSpace Vice President for Distribution Sales and Strategic Accounts. “Copernic site search offers exceptionally accurate results and can easily scale to meet the needs of the largest sites. When matched with InfoSpace Web search, it delivers a great search solution for high-traffic sites.”

“Our partnership with InfoSpace, a major force in this market, further validates the power of our technology, helping us to achieve our goal to make search accessible to every company by meeting the price, scalability, ease-of-use and implementation requirements of all types of businesses,” said Martin Bouchard, Copernic’s president and CEO.

“InfoSpace’s leadership in the market is a perfect complement to our ongoing partnership strategy and only works to reinforce our recent office expansion and growing customer base in the United States. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with InfoSpace.”

Posted by Rank for Sales. Thanks to Blog for the tip.

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Copernic offers enterprise search indexing

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