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Copernic Desktop Search Voted Best Desktop Search Appliance

Copernic Desktop Search Voted Best Desktop Search Appliance

Copernic Desktop Search was selected as the best overall desktop search tool this week in a benchmark study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s E-Business Consortium. The independent study tested vendors on usability, versatility, accuracy, efficiency, security, and enterprise readiness and was not funded or supported by individual desktop search companies or other organizations.

Completed in March 2005, UW’s study found Copernic’s software to be the most well-balanced desktop search tool among those evaluated, ranking it above 11 competitors including MSN Toolbar Suite, Google Desktop, Yahoo! Desktop Search, Wizetech Archivarius 3000, Ask Jeeves, Enfish Professional, ISYS Desktop, dtSearch Desktop, diskMETA Pro, Blinkx, and HotBot Desktop.

“By having the foresight to develop and execute this study, the UW E-Business Consortium is ahead of the curve in predicting that desktop search will become a standard tool used throughout the business community,” said David M. Burns, CEO of Copernic. “We continue to receive positive feedback from our customers around the globe, and the findings from UW only validate our approach to making our desktop search software extremely user-friendly.”

Overall, the study saw significant potential for desktop search tools in business environments and likened its value and evolution to Instant Messaging.

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Copernic Desktop Search Voted Best Desktop Search Appliance

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