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Copernic Desktop Search Targeting Multi-Lingual European Markets

Copernic Desktop Search Targeting Multi-Lingual European Markets

Copernic and its international business development partner Contraco initiated a European market penetration strategy by announcing German, French, and Dutch versions of the award-winning Copernic Desktop Search (CDS) product, with an Italian version soon to follow. Copernic continues to outmaneuver both Microsoft and Google in the battle for desktop search supremacy, as Google Desktop Search is only available in English and Microsoft has yet to launch its new desktop search product.

CDS enables users to instantly search their personal files, emails and attachments as well as pictures, music, and videos. Copernic recently announced CDS 1.1, which allows users to experience a more refined search, thanks to performance optimizations, new customization options, user interface improvements, and better compatibility.

“We are aggressively following our strategy to accelerate market penetration through low cost international mass distribution and licensing partnerships,” said David M. Burns, Copernic CEO. “Copernic is already a strong search brand in Europe. Our goal is to quickly outperform the success of Copernic Agent, which has been downloaded by more than 15 million users across Europe. Our strategic partnerships in both Europe and Asia will solidify Copernic’s position as the clear alternative to Google and Microsoft in the desktop search market.”

Search engines, portals and browser systems are trying to get off of the Internet and your desktop and into your hard drives, email, and private files. By taking advantage of a basically lame Windows Search tool used by Microsoft since the dawn of MS Windows, huge public monsters like AOL and Google as well as smaller software developers are introducing desktop and email search which is filling the demands of Windows users. Of all the current players in the Desktop Search field, Copernic is one of the first.

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Copernic Desktop Search Targeting Multi-Lingual European Markets

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