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Consumer Watchdog Uses Google Analytics to Track User Behavior…Wait, What?

Consumer Watchdog Uses Google Analytics to Track User Behavior…Wait, What?

Yesterday I posted about a video being shown on a jumbotron in Times Square that showed Google CEO Eric Schmidt as a privacy peeping Tom; gathering information from unsuspecting children as he offered them “free” ice cream in his Google ice cream truck. Well Business Insider made an interesting discover today that calls out Consumer Watchdog for their hypocrisy. What did they do that is hypocritical you may ask? They use Google Analytics to track the behavior of users on their company’s site.


CW’s privacy policy does state that they track user cookies, but it insists that they don’t do anything else with it but use it for informational purposes. That is all well and good, the issue that BI and, I am sure, everyone else that saw/heard the video and thought it was a little extreme will take with this bit of information is that Consumer Watchdog takes a huge stand against companies (especially Google) sending this information to third-parties – and that it just what they are doing.

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