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If you are into Internet marketing, you probably have so many online friends that you can barely remember most of them. Finding friends and partners is only one part of your job. To be a real power social media user, you need to be everywhere not to let your friends forget who you are.

One of the most effective ways to do that is to constantly update your Facebook status – this gives you visibility in a few important ways:

  • You will always be on your friends’ home page;
  • You will always be on page 1 on “Friends” list of your connections;
  • You will always be on top of relevant Facebook search.

Here are how to always keep your status updated:

1. Connect your status updates with your micro-blogging:

Change your Facebook status with your Tweets or updates from other (similar) services:

  • Update your status with your Tweets: this application will connect your Twitter profile with your Facebook account;
  • Update your status with notices: use this app for that;
  • Update your status with your Plurks.

Note: If you tweet quite a lot and don’t want to hijack your friends’ Facebook updates, use this app that will only update Facebook status with Tweets containing the #fb hashtag

2. Update your Facebook status from Gmail:

Are you often logged in into your Gmail account? Checking mail? Using web-based chat? Then why not change your Facebook status while you are there?

Xoopit is a FireFox update that connects your Gmail account with your Facebook account. Install, restart your browser, navigate to your Gmail account and connect it to Facebook:

xoopit facebook

Now you will always be able to change your Facebook status with your email updates and news:

xoopit facebook

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty

Brand amd Community Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing,... Read Full Bio
Ann Smarty
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  • greg

    Quite frankly, it is this mentality that has caused me to go through my FB account and purge the majority of people.

  • Mark Simmons

    This is a great article Ann because it’s important that we stay fresh in the minds of others. You didn’t mention LinkedIn which I think is essential for all professionals out there. Additionally, keeping your status updated is not intrusive because they are already connected to you on FB or following you on Twitter. Guaranteed that you’re not the only one updating at that time.

  • Naomimimi

    It’s a good concept in theory but extremely annoying in practice. Think of someone who hands you a business card every time you see them instead of saying hello or asking how you are.

    Pretty obnoxious, right?

    I would rewrite this article to talk about other ways to stay in the “limelight” of your friends focusing on *interaction*. Leaving comments and actually talking to people instead of at them. I’m more apt to remember someone in life or business if they take the time to comment on my wall instead of spamming me through status updates.

    Novel concept for social media, ain’t it? 😉

    Honestly I’d expect this article to come from a more spammy blog and not from SEJ. It screams “noob.”

  • Ryan Smith

    Yep, sending an “RT @reply” to my facebook is a great way to get un friended.

  • Ann Smarty

    @Greg, @Ryan, this may be for the better. If my friends don’t want to know my updates from around the web, I don’t mind being unfriended.

    @Naomimimi, isn’t Facebook status meant to update my friends of my (personal) news? I don’t really think your analogy works…

    @Mark, I actually did a similar post on Linked a while ago:

    • Peter Rad

      @Ann – you are confusing the meaning of Freind. If my real friends on FB don’t want my updates that’s a relationship issue.

      But the folks that FaceTweet, tweet to LinkedIn, etc. are just broadcasting which is akin to spamming a commercial out.

      What part of “Social Media” gets lost on people?

      People are bombarded with marketing all day. Adding to that by creating noise on every platform is useless and annoying. You might as well just create a crappy commercial and send that around.

      It isn’t about the number of followers or the amount of noise. It is about the number of Listeners and the amount of engagement.

      I’m sorry most people don’t understand that. Go read Seth Godin’s Permission Marketing.

  • Colorado Springs Real Estate by Kathy Torline

    I recently disabled my tweets automatically getting upated on my Facebook; as I felt it was getting to be a little too much.

  • EH

    I think that frequent (not constant) updating is great, but if you’re going to connect FB, Gmail, Twitter, etc, you’ve got to make sure you’re not just making pointless posts. Personally, I find when someone is constantly updating their status it just becomes annoying. If they do it too much and it is not interesting or valuable information I just hide their updates so I don’t have to deal with them. When it gets to that point, I eventually just delete them as a friend.

  • Peter


    Thanks for the article, but Xoopit wants my Gmail password. I uninstalled the plug-in. As an executive responsible for my customer’s systems and generally security conscious geekoid, I don’t give any program access to my email accounts.

    I am currently in China where Facebook is blocked. I can upload photos, but can’t update my status. Very annoying. Any other suggestions? I have found a few that recommend Xoopit, but I don’t think that’s an option for me.

    Thanks again!