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Connect with Search Engine Journal on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Connect with Search Engine Journal on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Some of our readers have noticed that recently Search Engine Journal has been popping up in their Facebook Social Maps and Twitter accounts, and have responded quite positively by joining SEJ’s groups and Twitter feeds. One thing I’ve realized this week is that not everyone obtains their news via an RSS feed or RSS aggregator and sometimes social media syndication is used by many as a news tracking alternative.

In an effort to connect with our loyal readers on both a professional and more personal level, I’d like to share some of the ways you can connect with Search Engine Journal and our editorial staff.

Connect on Twitter :

On Facebook :

On LinkedIn :

Over the course of time we’ll be adding more profiles to this list and I’m currently checking with other writers to see if they want to be included in the onslaught of connections and follows. You’ll notice that not only do we use these platforms as a way to connect with readers and share Search Engine Journal news, but we also do some link dropping of search marketing news and tutorials that we find on other sites and feel to be newsworthy.

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Furthermore, once you’re connected with other readers, myself and the profiles of our writers, then you can also connect with our friends 🙂


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