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Competitive Blogging : Networking with the Competition

Competitive Blogging : Networking with the Competition

Blogging, for many is a business, and just like any other business you will have to show some level of appreciation among your peers. Do you have to like them? Absolutely not! Can you benefit by befriending them, Absolutely. Many bloggers looking for their big break, tend to leave this stone unturned, they avoid communication with fellow bloggers, seeing them as the enemy, or worse yet the competition. Many of us have been taught from birth not to socialize with strangers and as we grow older we are taught to find a way to beat the competition, leaving our opportunity, open to prevail above all others.

Overcoming these obstacles instilled in our heads is a very important process that most successful bloggers have had to achieve. That in part, contributes to the success they have had, and many of us strive to reach. They have been able to mingle, communicate and work with their competition and at the same time use them as a tool, to learn and grow by watching the mistakes others have made. Were it not for the other bloggers they to may have made these mistakes and possibly thrown them into a downard spiral until they land back on square one. Thats not a good place to be, after devoting many hours, climbing through the ranks.

Like any other business, professional blogging requires strong networking and communication skills. Bloggers are in the business of providing information and at first no one will care to read it. The other bloggers may look at you like a disease as you start out, lets face it, you are no good to them. If you link to their articles they stand to gain nothing as your blog has yet to be established, and your readers have yet to arrive. Befriending two bloggers opens two opportunities you may not have had before. These are two additional ways to expand your Internet empire and that is sometimes all it takes to give you that nudge you need to move ahead.

Knowing how to befriend someone, that cares little of your existence is a thought often pondered by many starting out. Below are four easy steps toward your growth in the blogging community.

4 Steps Towards Gaining Recognition

  • An introduction can go a long way. This is as simple as a quick email to say hello, you love their work, take a second to boost their ego. Expect no response from this email, this is simply to let them know you exist. The chances of them clicking over to see your blog are pretty good, if for nothing more than to settle their curiosity. You have now been noticed.
  • Watch Them Like a Hawk. Track every movement they make online. Take note of what they are currently writing about, have they done any guest writing on other blogs? What times of the day are they posting? What times of the day do they seem to receive the most comments on their posts. This is all invaluable knowledge for you to hold. These are often the secrets to their success or the tricks they have picked up along the way.
  • Comment Frequently. They already know who you are from your previous email, now let them know you mean business. They want to know your serious and here for the long haul. There are so many bloggers that start out strong and then disappear, which has turned many readers and other bloggers alike, away from new guys. Everyone wants to know you will still be here in a year.
  • Link to Their Articles. Every time you link to an article on another blog you will notify that blogger. Ninety percent of the time they will follow that link back to your site, to see what it is about. This is your true opportunity to shine, if your article is valuable to the community, they may link back to you. A simple link roundup article by a large blogger can significantly increase your day to day traffic and more importantly your number of backlinks.

Never give up! This can be a very cutthroat business because there are so many competitors. Keep strong, keep serious and keep focused, and you will achieve your goals. Don’t get discouraged by the lack of consideration many popular bloggers tend to have, usually they are just busy.

Sujan Patel is Director of Search at Single Grain, which specializes in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

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Competitive Blogging : Networking with the Competition

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