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Comments Now Working on Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal has been experiencing problems with our Comments here for about one week at SEJ and have finally gotten around to fixing them. After a knuckle to the ribs by Matt Cutts in a Performancing thread I took it upon myself to do some digging and address the problem. Seems the fix was not as complicated as I thought after submitting some questions to the WordPress Support Forum – thanks WordPress Community, I hope WordCamp goes well!

If you’re wondering why the low amount of posting lately on SEJ, it’s because I’ve been getting ready for Search Engine Strategies San Jose (business cards, appointments, logistics) while battling one hard case of muscle inflamation with the help of Celebrex, some muscle relaxers, acupuncture and physical therapy. The treatments almost have me ready for the 7 hour travel day from Baltimore to San Jose on Sunday (flying through Denver) and hopefully I’ll be off of the medication once all of the cocktail parties fire up after hours at SES.

Regardless, with comments running we’re a real blog again and look forward to some raw coverage of Search Engine Strategies and all of the related events going on next week in San Jose. Best, Loren

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Comments Now Working on Search Engine Journal

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