DirtyColin.com Crashes From Server Load, Not Colin Farrell’s Legal Team

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DirtyColin.com Crashes From Server Load, Not Colin Farrell’s Legal Team

For those of you following controversial web sites selling the home movies of celebrities, the AP is reporting that DirtyColin.com has been ‘shut down’ by Colin Farrell’s legal team. This, however may not be the case as the site’s owners are claiming that server drain has led to the shutting down of the site. The site was attempting to sell access to a three year old video of Colin Farrell having relations with ex-girlfriend model Nicole Narain.

Danica Smith, Farrell’s publicist, told the Associated Press that “Mr Farrell will take legal action against anyone who tries to distribute this tape.” DirtyColin.com broke the court order against distribution of Colin’s tape and it appears that legal action was taken against DirtyColin.com as the site is currently not loading.

Jossip has an interview with the DirtyColin.com people who were looking to benefit from ownership of the video and they say that despite AP and other press reports, the site was not shut down but they were simply experiencing a drain on their offshore servers:

We put up a couple of offshore servers, and they were overwhelmed with visitors. Before we lost the servers, our traffic logs showed an immense response far larger than we had anticipated. To date, I have not received any legal representations from any party.

Do expect DirtyColin.com to be back up and running before the weekend : “We’re also told the folks behind DirtyColin.com expect to have a global network of servers online within 24 to 48 hours to meet demand.

And I thought that being Slashdotted was a pain.

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