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Code Interpreter Available For ChatGPT Plus Users After Maintenance

ChatGPT's Code Interpreter plugin is available for all ChatGPT Plus users. Find out how you can use it for SEO and data analysis.

  • Code Interpreter is operational again after routine maintenance.
  • OpenAI announced Code Interpreter Beta availability for all ChatGPT Plus users.
  • Code Interpreter offers potential value for SEO analysis.
chatgpt code interpreter

OpenAI announced on Twitter that all ChatGPT Plus users will have access to Code Interpreter.

Code Interpreter is an official ChatGPT plugin for data analytics, image conversions, editing code, and more. It recently went from the Alpha to Beta experimental stage.

Screenshot from ChatGPT, July 2023

ChatGPT Plus users can enable access to Code Interpreter and other experimental new features in their account settings.

Screenshot from ChatGPT, July 2023

Code Interpreter For SEO

Digital marketing professionals have found unique ways to use Code Interpreter for search engine optimization (SEO).

Simply imagine it as a new way to analyze any exportable marketing data.

Using Code Interpreter with Google Search Console data seems to be a popular use so far.

As the access to Code Interpreter increases, so should examples of new ways to use it and other ChatGPT plugins for marketing and SEO.

Code Interpreter Disabled Temporarily For Maintenance

Update: July 14, 2023, 23:05 PM PDT

OpenAI performed routine maintenance on the Code Interpreter plugin, disabling it temporarily for users.

Reports of the red lightning bolt symbol had been reported on Twitter and in the OpenAI community forum.

Some users saw that the plugin was disabled.

OpenAI’s status indicator eventually showed the feature was under maintenance and became operational again.

Screenshot from OpenAI, July 2023

There were a few additional performance issues with ChatGPT over the past week, all of which were resolved quickly.

OpenAI Legal Troubles And Privacy Concerns

Code Interpreter’s Beta launch came a few days after OpenAI had to disable Browse with Bing, the official ChatGPT plugin for web browsing. OpenAI is still working on a fix to protect content creators and publishers from Browse with Bing, allowing users to bypass paywalls.

OpenAI also experienced a massive breach of user credentials and faced legal action over using copyrighted books and users’ personal data to train its models.

The ChatGPT app addresses privacy practices on the OpenAI website, in privacy disclaimers, and on the app’s opening screen.

Screenshot from ChatGPT, July 2023

Despite these concerns, the App Store places ChatGPT as #1 in the productivity category, averaging 4.4 stars from over 10.1k users.

Screenshot from App Store, July 2023

While the app is doing well, SimilarWeb reports show traffic has slightly declined to the ChatGPT website over the past 28 days.

Screenshot from Similarweb, July 2023

New Feature Releases Amidst Controversy

OpenAI’s announcement of the Code Interpreter as an official plugin for ChatGPT Plus users marks a significant step in enhancing the capabilities of the AI language model.

However, this launch comes at a time when OpenAI is grappling with privacy concerns and legal issues.

OpenAI must address and alleviate the concerns surrounding data protection and copyright issues, especially considering the sensitive nature of executing code and uploading files using Code Interpreter or other ChatGPT plugins.

Otherwise, users concerned with privacy and generative AI content quality will turn to ChatGPT alternatives that outperform the leading AI chatbots.

Featured image: Shutter.Ness/Shutterstock

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Code Interpreter Available For ChatGPT Plus Users After Maintenance

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