CNN Spamming Blogs With High Google Rankings?

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CNN Spamming Blogs With High Google Rankings?

Danny Sullivan picked up on a Wired piece about CNN strategically placing linked comments in blogs which are ranked highly in Google, or as some folks would like to call “blog spamming.” Seems that some Daffy Duck type genius over at CNN thought it would help the Google placements of some of their show sites to fill blog comments up with spammy content laced with links back to specific CNN sites. Now, commenting in blogs and linking back to sites is not spam, that is – educated comments.

What may have been viewed as savvy blog marketing by CNN if they would have only spent some time making the posts they have been making full of quality content worthy of CNN – has now stained their reputation amongst bloggers. Or, is this some right-wing Fox News fan’s quest to knock CNN pages out of Google results by performing some Google Bowling; the mischievous spamming on other sites on behalf of your competitor – in turn, getting your competition dropped from Google rankings.

Nick Lewis uncovered the CNN spamming on his own blog : Last week, CNN appeared to be attempting an unusual marketing campaign in the blogosphere. The two day campaign combined blackhat search engine optimization techniques, viral marketing tactics, and guerrilla comment spam. Unlike the majority of comment spam, this spam only targeted mid-level blogs that discussed CNN. So far, 14 separate instances of the spam have been found. Most alarmingly, the spammers may have also left malicious keywords in 4 out of 14 of the targeted posts; its suspected the intent was to use google’s keyword stuffing detectors to censor them. CNN’s Christa Robinson denied their involvement, “CNN is not responsible for this or any other guerrilla spam campaign. This is simply untrue.”

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Jon Wright

    Nah! I can’t see any truth in this at all. Besides CNN’s brand is a strong one, although Google is on the lips of a lot of people out there at the moment, its still relitively new and gets away with murder in the way it supports older more established brands.

    They would have to moronic to do something like this. I simply can’t see them doing it. Brand will always win in the end.



    I just wanted to add that spamming is at an all time high. Everyone is out to achieve high Google rankings. I wouldnt be quick to point fingers… but the chances are very high and probable that someone at CNN caused this to happen for a purpose.