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Clusty Launches Mozilla Firefox Clustering Search Toolbar

Clusty Launches Mozilla Firefox Clustering Search Toolbar

Clusty Launches Mozilla Firefox Clustering Search Toolbar

Vivisimo, the developer of clustering, search and meta-search software for organizing search results, today announced the industry’s first clustering toolbar for Mozilla Firefox. The quick, free and easy download is available today at Clusty and offers Firefox users a number of industry-first features and unique benefits, including ClustyClips and Mini-Mode.

Good timing for the official release of Mozilla Firefox 1.0. ClustyClips allow users to get precise information about a term quickly, without ever having to leave a Web page. By highlighting words anywhere on a page and then right clicking, users can instantly get a small ClustyClip window with an encyclopedia or dictionary definition.

Mini-Mode lets users maximize their screen space by allowing the Clusty Toolbar to reside on the same line as their regular browser. Mini-Mode shrinks the Clusty Toolbar down to a single button next to the default Firefox search box. Users can then toggle Mini-Mode instantly, without restarting the browser.

“The search and browser markets are similar in that many users are asking, ‘what’s next?'” said Raul Valdes-Perez, CEO and co-founder of Vivisimo. “By combining the Clusty Toolbar with the Firefox browser, users are getting a double-dose of a next-generation Web experience. The Clusty Toolbar takes Firefox users beyond the static ranking of information, allowing them to view results by themes and dynamically learn more about the contents of a Web page.”

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