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Clush Offers Option for Meaning-Based Search

Clush Offers Option for Meaning-Based Search

It’s sorta clustering, but it looks more to me like the old “concept” or meaning-based searches for the late 90s, ala Oingo and Simpli. The engine is called Clush and the location is .

What color there is on the front page is red, ruining a perfectly good Orange Clush joke. Run a search and you’re presented with both a visual layout of possible other related search terms. For example, running a search for chips gives you a square with poker chips, fish chips, mod chips, potato chips, etc. Another square offers a roundup of chippish-terms: fragment, part, or thing. And underneath the query box is a final box with the single word scale.

It’s a good thing those suggestions are there because the actual Web results, located under this layout, are all over the map —, genome chips, flintknappers, etc. To focus these results you choose one of the suggestions in the visual layout. I choose fish chips.

I got another page of results, with a single suggestion box containing entries like “pub restaurant” “take away” and “happy hour.” Unfortunately the first result on the Web listing is “Fish & Chips Letterboxing Paradise”. Huh? Drilling down into the suggestion box with “take away” did slightly better, but the second result on this list was for Welham Green, a village in England.

I like the clean layout of Clush. The suggestions were quite good. I like the screenshot previews of Web pages. But I found the relevancy of the actual Web results disappointing.

Columist Tara Calishain is writer and editor at ResearchBuzz and author of the new book Web Search Garage

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Clush Offers Option for Meaning-Based Search

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