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Click Forensics & Focus on Affiliate Click Fraud

Click Forensics updated its enterprise-class click fraud detection service, Click Forensics 4.5 for Enterprise, which includes new features that allow advertisers for the first time to distinguish the click fraud rates of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns that run on search engine sites and their affiliate properties, allowing them to adjust their campaign spending to maximize return on investment.

With Click Forensics 4.5, advertisers and agencies are able to compare their own campaign information with industry click fraud data to better monitor fraud vulnerabilities by search terms, affiliate sites, search providers, time of day, and country of origin.

New features include:

* Enhanced Summary Reporting: Shows the PPC campaign conversion rates, cost per conversion and click fraud exposure by key word and search provider. The report also enables advertisers to see the adjusted amount they paid for each valid click.
* Site Origination Reporting: Shows advertisers the sites from which potential click fraud is originating. This includes the IP address of the site within a search engine’s affiliate network. The report allows advertisers to make more informed decisions about where their PPC advertisements run so they can improve campaign ROI.
* Cost-Per-Click Data: An automated keyword cost import process compares and optimizes keyword costs with threat levels in order to provide advertisers with the ideal cost of keyword terms.

“Because ads appearing on search engine affiliate sites are more vulnerable to click fraud, it is essential advertisers are able to watch these venues more closely,” said Tom Cuthbert , president of Click Forensics. “With Click Forensics 4.5, organizations can see if certain affiliate sites are driving low-quality traffic to their ads and then make decisions on where the ads appear in the future. This helps better protect their investment in PPC advertising and improve the overall performance of their campaigns.”

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Click Forensics & Focus on Affiliate Click Fraud

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