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Claria Targets Advertising with New Analytics Offering

Claria Targets Advertising with New Analytics Offering

Claria Targets Advertising with New Analytics Offering

Claria (previously rebranded from Gator) today announced that it’s getting into the Web Analytics market with its Web Intelligence Center platform, a new offering for major advertisers and publishers that will provide insights and data on anonymous consumer behavior that have never before been available. The Web Intelligence Center will provide marketers access to numerous metrics based on consumer behavioral data that will help them better understand consumer behavior and assist in creating more relevant and targeted advertisements and personalized content.

The Web Intelligence Center is an analytics platform that helps provide publishers and marketers with unprecedented insight and analysis into anonymous consumer behavior across a broad spectrum of the Web, rather than on a single site or limited group of sites. It enables advertisers and publishers to have a broader understanding of the interests of their consumer audience; what content users are seeking to meet their information needs; what activities users perform before and after they see an ad – in increments of hours, days, weeks, or months; and how behavior differs between different levels of category usage and/or brand loyalty.

“The main benefit behind the Web Intelligence Center is the analytics and insights it provides,” said Megan Hanley, Vice President of Direct Marketing at Esurance. “Having access to this type of information is powerful and allows us to better target consumers who are actively researching a product or service. We are looking forward to using this new, innovative product.”

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