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Christmas For Sale Starting at $180,000

Christmas For Sale Starting at $180,000

Want to boost your holiday online sales in the UK, just buy the domain name which is being put up for sale. Just in time for the holiday shopping season which began with Black Friday in the United States (the day after Thanksgiving), Christmas is for sale and its going to cost a pound or two. Well, make that a minimum of £100,000 ($180,000).

Cornwall on Threadwatch reports that is being auctioned off with the reserve price set at £100,000. Lord only knows how much this domain may be worth in the long run, as the current owner has decided to sell it off as his business surplus.

Stephen Bottomley, who is know by some as a modern day Ebenezer Scrooge after forcing the US trademark office to admit that Santa Claus is not a real person in Bottomley’s attempt to obtain a registered trademark for the names Santa Claus and Father Christmas. Seems that besides, Stephen also owns and Both sites earn Bottomley revenue by selling official phone calls and letters from Kris Kringle.

Can’t really blame Bottomley for selling his Christmas domain and this time of the year, as the publicity alone from the domain sale should lead to a huge jump in his Santa calls and letters. Oh, and not just anyone can buy Christmas this year, you have to represent a major commercial comporation.

“I don’t want to name names, but it has to be a major retailer,” Mr Bottomley told The Times. “I think the cachet and kudos of having on TV ads and carrier bags for the fourth quarter would be tremendous.”

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Christmas For Sale Starting at $180,000

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