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Chris Pirillo Interview

Lee Odden has been busy blogging over the weekend and posted his follow up interview with Internet, Pectoral & Coffee guru Chris Pirillo which Lee began at Search Engine Strategies San Jose.

With a nice emphasis on search engines and social media, Lee summarizes the interview as such:

In this interview, Chris talks about his TagJag project, web traffic from social media, favorite conferences, plans for Lockergnome 2.0, his upcoming wedding with fiancee Ponzi and fun quotes like: “Google is the internet”, “Email is dead” and “Let’s not blog about blogging about blogging about blogs anymore, okay?”.

I really liked this question and response:

For and, have you noticed a shift in visitors coming more from social sites like, Digg, StumbleUpon etc. as opposed to search engines?

Not really. At least, not unless they see something that gets continuous traction in the blogosphere (which seldom happens). Out of all of ‘em, I think StumbleUpon drives the most – largely because it’s a service that’s very friendly for “normal people.” Google drives most of my traffic. Google is the Internet, as far as I’m concerned.

Agreed, people seem to ‘get’ StumbleUpon and even, which is why I believe that has changed its interface so much in the past year.

Read the entire interview at Lee’s Online Marketing Blog.

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Chris Pirillo Interview

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