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Chomp Taking a Bite Out of iPhone App Search Competition

I am not an iPhone user but I know the look of app-finding frustration. I have seen it many times on the faces of my friends as they browse through the plethora of choices in the iTunes apps store. Now there is one app that will change all of that for all iPhone users – meet Chomp.

Chomp was first launched back in November of 2009, but at the beginning of this year a newer, more search-friendly version was released that is turning the app-search world on its head. With the new Chomp application you not only get personalized recommendations based on prior downloads (not unlike what you with Apple) and what other people add to your social graph, but can also perform topic related searches.

Techcrunch shows off Chomp search in action!

With all these new improvements, Chomp’s main goal is to become to apps what Google is to search; the number one, go to site to find exactly what you want and need. According to TechCrunch, co-founders Ben Keighran and Cathy Edwards want to take all the guess work out of app discovery and that is exactly what they are doing, one social graph at a time.

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Chomp Taking a Bite Out of iPhone App Search Competition

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