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Chinese Journalist’s Family May Take Yahoo to Court

Chinese Journalist’s Family May Take Yahoo to Court

Yahoo may become the target of legal action by the family of Shi Tao, a Chinese journalist who was leaking government information to others via his Yahoo Mail account. Against Chinese government warning not to do so, Tao had distributed a Chinese government order banning the media mention of the 15th anniversary of Tiananmen Square massacre.

Yahoo Mail was forced to surrender the email records of Shi Tao to the Chinese authorities as the mail servers are under Chinese jurisdiction.

“We believe what (Yahoo) did was illegal so we are considering taking Yahoo to court,” a representative of the Shi Tao family told Forbes.

From Forbes / AFX :

Pro-democracy legislator and lawyer Albert Ho showed journalists a copy of the verdict issued by a court in the central Chinese province of Hunan.

The document said: ‘Yahoo Hong Kong Holdings provided materials that confirmed the user’s information.’ It also gave the IP (Internet Protocol) address of Shi’s computer and his work phone number and address.

Ho said a formal complaint has been made to Hong Kong’s Office of the Privacy Commission for Personal Data, a privacy watchdog, which told them it will investigate the case.

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Chinese Journalist’s Family May Take Yahoo to Court

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