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China’s Search Engine Baidu Under Fire for Music Piracy

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry representing major music companies, Universal, Sony BMG (Hong Kong) and Warner Music Hong Kong, has filed a court proceedings against Chinese search engine Baidu for perpetrating music piracy.

The music companies are complaining about Baidu’s ongoing practice of delivering music to their users via “deep links” to hundreds of thousands of infringing tracks on third party sites. The group alleged that Baidu does the practice to generate advertising revenue.IFPI Chairman and Chief Executive, John Kennedy said that China wants to build strong partnership with the technology companies. However that piracy is leaning toward systemic theft of copyrighted music, prompting the group to file a legal complaint.

“China’s internet companies have a unique opportunity to demonstrate respect for copyright, take a stand against piracy and engage in responsible partnership with music companies. It’s a matter of great regret that, despite the clear precedent laid down by the Yahoo China judgment, those internet companies are instead choosing blatant violation of copyright, with the inevitable and unwanted litigation that follows in its wake,” says Kennedy.

Ironically, China’s music files are 99% pirated copies and its legitimate music market accounts only for 1% of recorded music sales.

The IFPI is demanding through legal proceedings that Baidu removes links on its music delivery service to music tracks that infringe copyright.

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China’s Search Engine Baidu Under Fire for Music Piracy

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