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China Has 162 Million Internet Users

There were about 162 million internet users at the end of June 2007 according to the China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC)

Yesterday the CNNIC released her latest report. Since 1997 they publish the results of their surveys each half year. This report shows that since the end of 2006, there are 25 million(18.25%) more netizens in China.

That’s a big jump and China is closing in on the United States rapidly (estimations for the US range from 165 to 210 million internet users) according to these stats.

I’ve had a quick look at the report itself and made some charts of the main data comparing the end of 2006 with June 2007.

china users stats
The first picture shows four charts including one with the total number of internet users in China.

Other results are:

The majority of the internet users in China is still below 30. There is a slight increase for the numbers of users over 30 years.

As before the unmarried use the internet more than the married. The percentages are roughly the same.

The gap between and female users is slowly closing.

The second picture shows 2 charts. The first chart is about the income distribution. The number of users with an income below 1000 Rmb increased (more new young internet users I assume) and not much difference in the other categories.

The percentage of internet users with a high school education and below grows, also likely related to new and young internet users.

Chinese users stats

The report is only available at this stage in Chinese. Normally the English version will take longer before it’s made available, a month or so.

There’s more interesting information in the report but it will take some more time to process that. I’ll keep you updated.

Gemme van Hasselt is an Internet Marketing Consultant, living in Shanghai, and owner of the China Directory.

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China Has 162 Million Internet Users

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